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Every car lover’s dream is to have a dream car. Whether it’s a classic muscle car or a modern performance car, UAR can make your dream come true. From subtle performance tweaks to get a bit more horsepower or the extreme upgrades that give you monster horsepower, UAR has the experience and tools to make your dream car a realty. Supercharge your car with a blower or nitrous oxide fuel delivery system. Increase handling and stopping ability with a lowered suspension and race-quality brakes. Get the most out of your machine with performance upgrades from UAR.


We make customizing look easy. We discuss with you what you want your car to do – go faster, sit lower, and look sweeter. We take what you’ve told us and make a list of the recommended improvements required to make your car perform the way you want. We then gather the top quality parts from our suppliers for your project. Once they’ve all arrived in our shop, we schedule your car’s time with our technicians to transform your car into the high performance vehicle of your dreams. 


Advancements in automotive technology can help any car perform better. From engine tune programming that change the way your car’s computer manages the engine and transmission to higher-quality components that perform better than those installed by the manufacturer, UAR can help give your car more power and you more fun for years to come.


Our auto repair shop has the latest in automotive diagnostic and service equipment to repair, maintain and upgrade vehicles of any age.  

Plus, our Dynojet Dynamometer is the ultimate tool for getting the most performance out of an engine.



Getting the most out of your car requires attention to detail. The sophisticated components that make your car perform so well and efficiently must all work together in harmony. While many of these components are meant to last many years, a variety of factors can shorten their life: heat, rugged use, and lack of maintenance are common culprits. As our name implies, Ultimate Auto Repair and Performance Center works to get the ultimate performance out of the vehicle we service. From routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups, to performance improvements like cold air intakes and high-flow exhaust systems are designed to help your car perform better, use less fuel and last longer.


We have a seasoned staff of qualified mechanics that are also car enthusiasts. Their many years of training and experience combined with their passion for automobiles makes for the most desirable person you'd want working on your car. We have ASE Certified and Viper Certified Technicians on staff to service your performance car.


Dyno Testing

Get the most out of your car's engine with the use of our Dynojet Dynamometer.


Complete Auto Repair

  • Air Conditioning
  • Batteries
  • Brakes
  • Electrical
  • Fuel System
  • Radiator
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Transmission

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