Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid RepairOur technicians have the training and access to the latest technical equipment to service, maintain, or repair your Electric Vehicle (EV) or Hybrid Vehicle. We can help you and your EV get the best possible battery output for maximum range and efficiency.

  • Battery Inspection
  • Software Updates
  • Tire Rotation
  • Brake Lining Replacement
  • Filter Replacement

EV and Hybrid Repair

Whether it’s troubleshooting an error message, or replacing a worn-out part, the technicians at Ultimate Auto Repair can provide the advanced service that an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle require because of their innovative technology.

Maximum Mileage for your EV

Electric Vehicle ServiceJust because your electric vehicle (EV) does not have an internal combustion engine, it still needs to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Time and miles can still take a toll on the parts of your electric or hybrid car. UAR provides Routine Maintenance for most EVs and hybrids, no matter who they are manufactured by, and whether they are a current generation of electric vehicle or an older EV.


EV and Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

Many EV and Hybrid owners think they have to go to the dealer to have scheduled maintenance performed. That’s not the case. Our certified technicians are able to perform maintenance on all types of electric/hybrid vehicles to keep their parts and components working properly. We have the equipment and experience to provide all routine maintenance tasks, including battery checks and software updates, plus expendable items like brakes, tires and filters.

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