Your car’s engine generates heat as it performs its task of propelling your car down the road. This heat has to be managed. It runs efficiently when it’s warm but run less efficiently if it gets too hot. Worse yet, parts can start to fail if temperature rise too high. The management of your engine’s temperature and the dissipation of excess heat is the job of your car’s cooling systems. This includes the radiator, cooling fans, water pump, thermostat, coolant, pressure cap, overflow tank reservoir and other various parts.

Proper operation of the cooling system and radiator are required to keep it at a safe temperature.


Radiator repair and maintenance is essential to the health of your engine and your vehicle. The most common radiator repairs involve simple part replacement and radiator fluid exchange. Additionally, most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing coolant antifreeze at regular intervals.

At Ultimate Auto Repair, we offer more than just a “drain-and-fill” radiator service. Our expert technicians will test and evaluate your radiator and cooling system. Once the condition of all components has been assured, we will conduct a radiator fluid exchange service. This includes:

Comprehensive system inspection
Machine-powered radiator flush
Addition of flush chemicals, sealant and lubricant
Pressure check and tests for leaks


Should your car’s cooling system need repair, our expert technicians can replace and repair:

  • Antifreeze coolant
  • Cooling sensor
  • Fan belts
  • Heater core
  • Heater hoses
  • Radiator
  • Radiator cap
  • Radiator hoses
  • Radiator fan/fan clutch
  • Serpentine belt
  • Belt Pulley Tensioners
  • Temperature sensor
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump

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