The value of your car is not only the price you pay for it, but also how much it costs you to operate it and how long it provides you service before you have to replace it. Getting a good price when you buy a car is only the beginning. Keeping it maintained and operating at maximum level will improve the overall expense of operating your vehicle.


When something does fail, it's good to have a trusted source for dependable advice and quality repairs. UAR has been helping car and truck owners get the most of their vehicle investment. Keeping your car running strong and efficient will make your trips more enjoyable while keeping operating costs at a minimum. 


While no one likes having their car serviced, it's good to know your car is being cared for qualified mechanics that are car enthusiasts. Their many years of training and experience combined with their passion for automobiles makes for the most desirable person you'd want working on your car. We have ASE Certified and Viper Certified Technicians on staff to service your car.


Getting the most out of your car requires attention to detail. The sophisticated components that make your car perform so well and efficiently must all work together in harmony. While many of these components are meant to last many years, a variety of factors can shorten their life: heat, rugged use, and lack of maintenance are common culprits. As our name implies, Ultimate Auto Repair and Performance Center works to get the ultimate performance out of the vehicle we service. From routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups, to performance improvements like cold air intakes and high-flow exhaust systems are designed to help your car perform better, use less fuel and last longer.

What To Expect at UAR


When you bring your car in for service, we will do a thorough check of your vehicles service history to see if there are any service bulletins or recalls that affect your make and model of vehicle. We then perform a checklist of service intervals recommended by your vehicles manufacturer. Our technicians will then check your vehicle for any obvious problems. We will then provide you with a detailed plan for the recommended services. At which time you will be asked for permission to proceed. We will never perform any service or repairs without your express permission.


When you bring your car in for a repair, we will discuss what was happening before, during and after the failure. This will help us determine if the failure is likely to happen again. We will also use this information to troubleshoot other components that may later fail or cause other components to fail. Once we have determined the parts that need to be replaced, we will provide you a detailed plan for the recommended repairs. At which time you will be asked for permission to proceed. We will never perform any service or repairs without your express permission.

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