Air Conditioner Service DiscountSummer is here, there’s no doubt about it. Your car’s air conditioning system is surely working overtime keeping you cool. Is it doing a good job? If not, we have the solution. We have lowered the price of our A/C Service to $89.95. That gets you a complete visual inspection and evaluation of your car’s AC system and its operation. We’ll evacuate your system’s old refrigerant and recharge it with up to 1 lb. of new refrigerant, oil and dye.

If your system needs more refrigerant, there will be an additional cost. We’ll tell you about that before we begin work. Take care of your car’s AC before it leaves you hot and sweaty. Call today to schedule your $89.95 A/C Service.

Offer Good for Most Cars and Trucks. Please mention this offer when you schedule your service. Valid through August 31, 2015.

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